Charlie Mae was known for her cooking. She was one of 8 and she was raised on a farm in Boswell Oklahoma, while her siblings were out in the field with their father Dallie, my grandma spent most of her time in the kitchen with her mother Ulla. Now Let her tell it she’s been shucking corn since she was 2. She had a very discerning palate and wouldn’t eat just anyone’s cooking and they had to be clean, “a good cook is a clean cook, that’s good clean eating”. She was known for her bean’s and hot water cornbread, cabbage, gizzard dressing and gravy and the best fried chicken around. Absolutely nobody could come close to her homemade “from scratch” banana pudding and peach cobbler. She poured her soul into her food and we ate well until she could not stand in front of a stove anymore, even then she would dictate from her chair in the corner beginning with… “wash your hands” May She Rest In Paradise